This blog is being deactivated to allow me to speak up and speak out from one empowered place. Here’s a link to my new ‘old’ blog. I hope to see you there. Namaste, Daryl

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Get Up and Start Over

It’s hard to fall and it’s hard to get back up from a hard fall. But do it anyway. Get up and start over. If you’re still here, you still have a purpose; you still matter. Brush off the smudges on your face; shake off the dust on your pant legs; and start over. Start wherever you are with whatever you have. What matters most is not where you have been but where you are right now. And maybe knowing and respecting and honouring where you are right now will lead you somewhere that feels better. So get up and start over. Now.

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Time Marches On … With or Without You

No matter what you do today, time will pass. It always has and always will. And if you use today to be in limbo, to slow down and wait, then let that be okay. If today you listen to the rhythm of the world inside of you first and then the world around you, your experience will be different. We are so often pulled away from the silence and sacred pulse of our souls. Today, if laughter erupts or if tears roll out; if anger burns the space or compassion moves your body, let that be okay.

Time marches on … with or without you. It is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It is life.

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Listen … You Are Being Called

The universe is always reaching out to you, pointing you in the direction of your highest good. You are always being called to live to your fullest potential, whether that’s in the big world around you or the small spaces of your life. Listen … you are being called. You are being nudged and urged and summoned. Listen and follow the divine inner guidance that calls you to your purpose. There is no need to worry or wonder. When you follow the wisdom of consciousness, you’ll always be on the right path.

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The Cause of Our Suffering

Sometimes we look around and wish that things were different, that people were kinder; that people cared more about the environment; that children were safe; that everyone was fed; that we didn’t have to worry so much or experience sadness and pain.

Sometimes we wish the world wasn’t so scary. Byron Katie says “It’s what I am feeling about the world that is the cause of my suffering, not the world.” We can see the world from an enlightened, empowered perspective and that can be all that we need to create peace and joy for ourselves and others.

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Right Time, Right Space

You’ll know when it’s right time, right space. Pay attention to what is around you, how the energy is moving, what is dancing in your path.

We want things to happen when we are ready … and we need to be prepared to wait; to wait for thoughts to form; to wait for circumstances to shift; to wait for whatever is lining up, to line up.

Believe that the universe operates on Right Time, Right Space and you will find peace in the ordinary and extraordinary events of your life.

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Don’t Just Sit There

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Will Rogers

How many times have you waited for something to happen, waited for someone to come along, waited for things to change? What would happen if you got up and started walking … today … right now?

Stay on track AND keep moving.

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